The Boys and Girls Club of York Region is part of a National movement with over 700 community locations throughout Canada. Together the movement provides innovative and effective programs to assist in the healthy educational, social and physical development of Canadian children and youth. For over 100 years, professionally trained staff and dedicated community volunteers have helped hundreds of thousands of children and youth in safe supportive environments.

The Boys and Girls Club model is more comprehensive than prevention, recreation or educational programs alone. The Club utilizes a developmental approach in every program focusing on increasing a young person's exposure to positive and constructive activities, supporting them to become healthy, responsible, compassionate and competent.

The development approach offers children what research says is the most needed, relationships with positive role models (adults and peers), structure and safety, access to a diverse range of programs that include recreation, play and expression, opportunity for acquiring positive behaviours, self-esteem and hope for the future.

Core programming areas:

  • Physical activity, health & safety
  • Leadership, growth & empowerment
  • Learning & career development
  • Families & communities

Programs: Children

Boys and Girls Club programs support the healthy development of children of all ages by fostering a sense of belonging, personal empowerment, achievement, and self-confidence.

Club programs are mainly offered during the after-school period between 3:30pm and 6:00pm. This is when young people, if left unsupervised, are at highest risk of becoming victimized or drawn into negative or criminal activities.

Our programs provide opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge kids need to reach their full potential.

Types of programs offered by our Clubs:

  • Physical activities, sports and games
  • Homework help
  • Computer and technology skills training
  • Nutrition counselling and cooking programs
  • Creative arts
  • Environmental awareness and stewardship

Programs: Youth

Club programs provide youth with safe, stimulating places where they can:

  • connect with friends
  • take part in sports and other physical activities
  • receive academic support
  • receive employment support and training
  • obtain skills and career training
  • learn how to become community leaders and give back.

Through our youth leadership programs, teens have the opportunity to be leaders in their community through social action initiatives and other civic-focused programs.